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Using Noise to Be More Productive

We are all used to a certain amount of noise while we work. In a quiet office it can be the sound of keyboard, maybe a phone ringing, or even the HVAC system running. 

But in a noisy office space it can be office equipment, people talking, phones ringing constantly, or just a constant level of ambient noise. 

We’re going to talk today about a few ways you can recreate, or maybe minimize, these noises in a home environment to remain productive.

Silence, Music, Podcasts and Apps To Be Productive At Home

by BeBizzy Consulting | BeBizzy Break Podcast

Noise or Silence?

Think about your office or where you work. What does it sound like? Constant? Sudden bursts or noise? Street noise? 

Now think about your home working environment. TV’s? Kids? Kitchen gear? Yard work? Usually it’s very different than your office. So how can you make sure you can still work without interruptions or a complete overload of the senses?

On today’s BeBizzy Break Podcast we’re going to talk about a few ways to remain productive outside your normal work space.


Some offices are pretty quite. Or everyone may wear headphones. I work in silence a good part of the day, but it can actually be distracting to some. 

If you need some silence, noise cancelling headphones or earbuds can be invaluable if you are working from home to cut the outside noise. As promised, here’s the link to my JBL 650 BTNC, but just about any noise cancelling headphones will help.

Music & Podcasts

Here’s how I use music and podcasts. If I’m getting general work done and don’t need 100% focus, I listen to podcast. This is a good portion of my day, and I can still work while listening to people talk. FYI, I listen to podcast at 1.2x speed. It allows you to get through podcasts quicker without completely sounding strange.

Now if I need to completely focus on a task? My choice is music. I’ve been a DJ for nearly 30 years and am used to listening to music and not focusing on it. The extra noise is invaluable to calming my mind and getting me in the state of mind to work.

Find what works for you and use silence, music and podcasts in whatever combination works to help you get work done.

Apps & Websites

There are websites and apps dedicated to productivity that you can use. Most are free, some have a premium version with more options. Try these five apps and see if they help.

  • Coffitivity – This website provides some ambient noise in the form of coffee shops, cafeterias, and outside areas.
  • Noisly – App where you can select some environmental sounds like wind, waves, storms, trains and more. 
  • Noises Online – Similar to Noisly, Noises Online lets you select and combine environmental sounds to enhance your concentration or productivity. This also has white, pink and brown noise generators
  • Brain.FM – This one has three silos of activity – relax, sleep, or productive. Each silo has music and other sounds designed to help you achieve you desired affect.
  • Lofi Hip Hop – This one is amazingly popular. In fact and the time of recording there were nearly 50k users listening to the very low-key hip hop sounds on YouTube. Great, non-typical music designed to keep you moving. 

Noise and sound can do a lot. I was training to manipulate customers in a nightclub at a very early age in my DJ career. Need to sell drinks? Change it up. Need to keep a fight from starting? Slow it down. 

The tools listed above might be the best way to keep you concentrated and productive while working outside your normal business environment. 

What are your favorite ways to stay productive with music, sound and silence? Leave them below, or send them to me @BeBizzy on Twitter!

Silence, Music, Podcasts and Apps To Be Productive At Home

by BeBizzy Consulting | BeBizzy Break Podcast