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Using DIVI and Rank Math Together Just Got Easier!

I make no secret that I build websites almost exclusively in the DIVI WordPress theme. And one of the big issues in almost all SEO plugins and DIVI is it’s only possible to make changes to the SEO info in the “classic builder.”

Until yesterday. DIVI announced the ability to edit Rank Math information right in the visual builder! The time savings for one site is significant. The time savings for someone with 50 or more DIVI sites is HUGE!

Why DIVI Integration Is Important

The biggest problem with using many SEO programs with the Divi Visual Builder is there is no easy way to edit the SEO information without going back to the classic editor.

Minutes, hours even, as wasted going back and forth from visual to classic looking at meta data, keyword info, Rank Math scores and more. 

What Can You Change In the Rank Math Integration with DIVI

There are many things you can now do inside the visual builder simply by clicking on the Rank Math icon in DIVI builder.

  • Edit Meta data
  • Edit Social Media sharing data
  • Set your focus keyword
  • Check and edit SEO errors
  • Configure Scheme Markup and Rich Snippets
  • Advanced SEO features link NoIndex, NoFollow, canonical URLs and more.

As I said, it may only be minutes per page that you save with this integration, but if you produce a fair amount of content, or you are working on a new or existing website, this can turn into hours of saved time. And if you live in WordPress and DIVI like I do every day, this is a HUGE deal. 

I have heard of a few incidents of having some issues uploading and updating the plugin through the WordPress update dashboard. If you run into this fire up FileZilla and upload via FTP

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