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Squirrly Uses Intelligence To Assist Your Content Creation

Anyone who creates content for websites knows writing for the computer and for your visitors can be a tough challenge. The information must be easily indexed by Google, and easy to consume by readers, and sometimes that is difficult. 

SEO WordPress plugins can help with that challenge, and Squirrly promises to provide the assistance in easy to consume, easy to use information. 

Managing Your SEO with Squirrly

by BeBizzy Consulting | BeBizzy Break Podcast

What is Squirrly?

Florin Mureasan, CEO of Squirrly, joined me on the BeBizzy Break podcast to discuss his program.

Squirrly is a fairly new WordPress seo plugin which was initially designed to be a different SEO plugin. 

Built in it has features like :

  • Live Assistant to check your content live while you enter it
  • Keyword Research which suggests different keywords and keyword combinations
  • SEO Auditing to analyze the page and suggest edits
  • SERP checker similar to SEMRush, Moz and other tools

Squirrly is intended building SEO strategy instead of just some basic SEO data.

How does it compare to large tools like SEMRush or MOZ?

Tools like SEMRush does everything, including multiple domains, competitive research, and more. But Squirrly uses SEMRush as some keyword data points. 

One of the things that makes this tool different is the ability to suggest long-tail keywords. SEMRush cannot do that, especially live.

How is the changing SEO algorythm 

How does the stricter Google algorythm change how data is 

When Google became more complicated, it helped Squirrly in that deep-diving tools were needed to suggest content and meta data edits. And Google search console has some great data, and some of it is used inside Squirrly to provide tips on how to massage the content. 

Seo CroppedCompared to Yoast – the SEO plugin big dog

Here’s what you can’t do in Yoast but can do in Squirrly

  • Build keyword portfolio
  • Check rankings
  • Manage and suggest keywords
  • Audit the website
  • Find keywords
  • See trends in keyword searches

Squirrly looks at all the ranking factors and can do it virtually in real time

What are Focus Pages?

Focus pages are website pages you can mark as important. Up to seven page per site initially can be designated as “focus” pages. This portion of the tool takes a very deep dive into the technical aspects of the page, meta data, images and content and provides a very detailed list of edits to make to make it more easily consumed by Google and other search engines.

The way this work is to find the most important, get them ranked, and then move on to the next group.

How can I migrate from another WordPress SEO Plugin?

This was extremely easy. When you install the plugin and start the wizard, it asks to import data from Yoast, All In On SEO, or my SEO plugin, SEO Framework (see our review of all of these tools at Episode 89). It works in conjunction with these other tools to make sure everything is set up correctly and to offer some assistance when it isn’t. 

If set up properly, the plugin will not interfere what is already there unless you choose to do so.

Anything else?

  • Keyword Research – This was a focus since day 1. Suggesting long tail keywords, or even better short keywords, the keyword research tool can provide better ways to feature your content.
  • Keyword Briefcase – Store great keywords you find during research for later use.

How much is it?

There are three pricing levels of Squirrly?

The start with a free version, which allows one focus page some keyword searches and more. If additional websites and focus pages will be needed, there are Pro and Business account levels available. 

I’m hooked… how can I sign up?

Check out Squirrly by going to the website ( Pricing is available at

And you can always reach out via Twitter @SquirrlyHG.

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Have any questions or suggestions on Squirrly or WordPress SEO plugins in general? Leave them below, or send them to me @BeBizzy on Twitter!

Managing Your SEO with Squirrly

by BeBizzy Consulting | BeBizzy Break Podcast