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Still using your old regular phone system or mobile phone for you business?

Traditional phone systems… well… suck. They are running on technology that really hasn’t changed much in 20 years, have a definite limit on sound quality and reliability, are expensive, and are very rigid on what they can do.

VoIP systems, or voice over IP, are a very modern, versatile way to bring your phone system in the modern world, and Jive is emerging as a leader in the space. 

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What is Jive?

While Jive has been a leader in VoIP for nearly 15 years and customer satisfaction scores are at or near the top at all times, they really got traction about a year ago when it was acquired by LogMeIn, a screen sharing and conferencing system that has also acquired GoToMeeting and other systems. The addition of the Jive phone system has added a vital link to the LogMeIn experience.

By itself, Jive is a full-featured VoIP system that can be used by nearly any business setting from a single-seat to a call center controlling tens of thousands of agents. 

What’s Needed to Get Started?

Odds are you already have everything you need to get started with Jive. The softphone uses your computer or a mobile device to handle the calls. Because it’s all done over the internet, no phone lines, accounts or equipment is needed. Calls get routed from a number you get provided to any/all devices with the softphone installed. 

To customize the experience an IVR can be put in place, customized hold music and more to get a very professional appearance to your potential or existing clients. 

VoIP phones are available, and plug into the network jacks instead of using phone wiring, which means you can take the phone and softphones with you when you travel, move offices, or just want to be somewhere besides your office. 

What’s Included with Jive?

Jive comes with over 80 included products including

  • GoToMeeting
  • GoToWebinar
  • Softphone apps
  • A suite of reporting applications
  • Auto attendants
  • Custom hold music
  • Call recording
  • And so much more!


24×7 support is available for Jive customers whether you’re a single seat, or giant call center. Three “tiers” of support are available, like most phone and other systems, with level 1 handing basic questions and account issue, and tiers 2 & 3 available for more complex and networking issues. 

Jive  does offer customized integration when you first sign up for the service, and a dedicated account manager is assigned to larger clients to make the launch as easy as possible. 

How Can You Get Started with Jive?

To get started with Jive , the best way is to contact Dallin McEwin directly. Either follow this link to send a message, call 385-206-3863 and mention the BeBIzzy Break Podcast, or email, and Dallin will get your phone system on the launch pad. 

Have any questions, comments, or suggestions on Jive or another VoIP solution? Leave them below, or send them to me @BeBizzy on Twitter!

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