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One thing we’ve been told for years is that you need an email address in order to do business. I agree with that statement, but in regards to where that email address is used, I’m not in favor of listing email addresses on a website.

Email Address or Contact Forms?

I am, however, a huge fan of forms, and this week’s BeBizzy Break Podcast features an interview with Rich Brooks from the Agents of Change Podcast on that very subject.

What are the benefits of using a form?

  • Not divulging email addresses to potential spammers
  • Guiding possible leads by asking questions in the form.
  • Inputting form information into a CRM.
  • Pushing the form to multiple recipients, or to a specific person where applicable.

A few more things about Rich Brooks.


First, tickets for the annual Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference are now on sale. The conference takes place in Portland, Maine, but it’s also streamed online and available via on demand video. Jay Baer is the keynote and more great speakers will be announced soon. The event is on 9/15/2017 and people can learn more at
Second, he has a book called The Lead Machine: The Small Business Guide to Digital Marketing that’s available now. Your audience can download a free chapter at
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