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BeBizzy Break Podcast : Episode 41 – Flash! Ah ahhhhhh!

Hosted by : Marv Dorner, owner of BeBizzy Consulting

Using Flash on your website?

If your website uses this technology, it’s time to finally move on before you lose your customers!

All of the major internet browsers, Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox, have officially dropped support for the Flash plugin. Some will still allow you to install, but you have to go in to the settings and turn it on, then remember to turn it off again.

None of the major mobile devices including iOS and Android will display Flash animations.

That means that unless your visitors are running old computers, or tech savy enough to turn Flash on to watch, then turn it back off for security, you will lose that visitor… maybe forever.

Here are some options :

  1. If you are only using a Flash animation spash screen, see if it can be removed without killing your search rankings or you website.
  2. If you are using Flash or Silverlight for videos, can you migrate them to YouTube or Vimoe, or even self host the videos if they are small or viewed without regularity.
  3. You may need to plan to replace the website sooner than later. Odds are that if you’re still using Flash probably not usable by mobile devices anyways.

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