The WP Wednesday Podcast

Happy Day After World Series Day, everyone!

Congratulations to the fans of the Chicago Cubs on the team’s big Game 7 victory over the Cleveland Indians last night. It was the first baseball game I’ve watched in years and boy was I glad I did. Great game, and the horrible national nightmare of the 108 year winless streak is finally over.

Episode 14 Show Notes

  • Microsoft Teams – a Slack competitor
  • Microsoft Introduces a trade-in program from Macbook Pros to Surface devices.
    • Program ends November 11, 2016, so hurry up!
  • LastPass – making the mobile app free! You can use Lastpass to manage secure passwords across all of your logins and keep it safe with one secure password
    • Mobile traffic from StatCounter has finally passsed desktop. 51% of all web traffic is now mobile. – Have you updated your website yet?
  • Get ready for Snapchat Glasses – codename Laguna
    • Video camera sunglasses going on sale in the coming weeks
    • Synced to smartphone and snapchat accounts
    • Video files up to 10 seconds
  • Hype – Live Video Broadcasting app from the creators of Vine
      • Creators were not happy when Twitter announced Vine was being shut down.
      • iOS beta app
      • Competitors include Periscope, Snapchat, and Facebook Live and the rumored Instagram livestreaming app, GoInst

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