The WP Wednesday Podcast

Host : Marv Dorner, BeBizzy Consulting

We’re talking about Google Keep, Google Docs, and Google Chromebooks today on the BeBizzy Break.

But first, we’re proud to annouce the launch of our newest website, Path To Pono. Contact Sandy Thompson with questions about recruiting great employees, developing leadership in your organization, and helping your family with substance abuse.

Now, on the Googles.

  • Google has finally brought Google Keep into the GSuite environement in the web version (desktop and browser)
    • Easily import Keep notes into Google Docs
    • Google Keep is the notetaking app available on all devices (Android, iOS and in your browser) that takes audio, handwriting, images and itemized lists. You can also color code, and tag notes for ease in search and identification.
  • Samsung Chromebook Pro – my next tech purchase (when it gets released)
    • Chromebooks allow you to live in the Google environement for documents, the Chrome browser, photos and more. And now there’s a reasonably priced great device called “Kevin” that even allows users to run Android apps on their Chromebook.
    • The device is convertable to a tablet, and even has a Samsung S-Pen for taking notes and other visual needs.
    • The Chromebook Plus is available for $449, with the Chromebook Pro being released in “Spring 2017” for around $500.

Have a great week, everyone. Spring is slowly on the way!

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