The WP Wednesday Podcast

Host : Marv Dorner, BeBizzy Consulting

Today on the BeBizzy Break Podcast we talk about why you would want to have a landing page or niche website for your product or services instead of just putting them as an additional page on your current website.

Some of the things to consider are :

  • Really sit down and brainstorm if your product is a niche, or a broader product.
  • What keywords should you be targeting with your website and marketing
  • Find an appropriate domain name, and this doesn’t always have to be your main corporate name, it can be specialized or customized to make it more noticeable.
  • Same goes with your logo, if you can customize your current logo to handle this specialized part of your business, do so. Or create a new one. Or just use your main logo.
  • Develop your strategies for marketing using both traditional and digital marketing. Does the imagery and content match the domain name? Is it attracting the proper demographic? Is it targeted?
  • Think about if this is a long term or short run.

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