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Are you a member of a local chamber of commerce or other business organization? What are some of the benefits, and challenges, you face by being a member, or NOT being a member?

Episode 29 – Why Should You Join Your Local Chamber?

Today we talk about those challenges and opportunities with Chelse Simon, Amanda Schwieters, and David Leingang of the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce. They touched on some of the networking, leadership, volunteering and other opportunities that Chamber members and non-members can take advantage of within the Chamber.

We also talked about why or why not your chamber could be active within the political arena and how chamber members can either get educated or share their experince with other business professionals.

Take advantage of your local chamber by contacting their leadership either through the web, on the phone or just go there in person, and see how joining can benefit your small or solo business.

We did talk about some tech issues before the interview, mostly concerning Verizon’ Unlimted plan. While it’s not a good fit for me, I would encourage you to call their sales professionals and review your current account settings and whether or not the unlimited plan, or one of their other plans is a good account for you.

We also talked about Google Home and Amazon Echo possibly making phone calls by the end of the year, finally overcoming some regulatory and technical issues. I’m excited for this and will be keeping a close eye on this one.

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