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Episode 23 – Dropbox Paper and the Why’s and How’s of Podcasting

  • Dropbox Paper was announced last week and I started playing with it. It’s a meeting management application that allows one to take notes, assign tasks, embed files and videos, and collaborate. Check it out.
  • Why and How Should I Podcast
    • Here’s a simple list of what you neeed.
      • Software : Audacity is a free app, so $0
      • Microphone : A decent microphone will cost less than $100 through Amazon. The one recommended by many of the podcasting experts is the Audio-Technical ATR2500-USB
      • Place to Host/Distribute Your Files : I use Podbean for it’s ease on submitting to iTunes and other resources.
    • Why Would I Podcat?
      • Works like a blog to get a message on your expertise out to the audience
      • It’s primarily passive. Most people listen while they are driving, working, exercizing or doing something else. Podcasts can even be downloaded automatically. Reading emails and blog posts requires an active participant.
      • Notes (like these) can be added and supply keywords and other items that Google is looking for when indexing the site.

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