The WP Wednesday Podcast

In Episode 11 of the BeBizzy Break Podcast we chat a little about:

  • The debates are finally over, can I have my social media back yet?
  • My fancy new Dell D3100 docking station connected to two 23″ monitors.
  • The rumors emerging from the pending Mac announcement for next week including the Magic Toolbar.
  • Microsoft’s new booking service through Facebook that will allow tickets and food to be sold right from the social media site.
  • Change your LinkedIn password! Czech officials caught a Russian hacker that compromised over 100million accounts in 2012.
  • Belichick is smashing Surface tablets on the sideline of New England Patriots games.
  • Samsung is replacing Note 7’s right at the airport.
  • And I’ll be appearing on the #VZWBUZZ (#ad) Facebook Live stream tomorrow (Friday, Oct 21) at 3pm CT. Join the chat from 2-3pm, then watch me live!